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Welcome To DECODE INC                                    Will grow beyond boundaries together

Decode INC

Deliver innovative products and improve user experience with large volumes of reliable training data. Confidently deploy world-class AI trained on ethically sourced data that works for all users, regardless of age, gender, location, race, or language.

Our Priorities

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Vision & Mission


We provide high-quality training data with our leading technology platform, managed services, and our global crowd to power AI globally.

Help your global customers find your website in their language. Let them understand your brand with localized marketing material created by native experts.

To Maintain the quality of services meeting the necessary regulatory guidelines

Localization & Translation services in over 250 languages

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Decode INC Core Values

We Decode INC privileges of being a successful business is having the opportunity to give back. Decode INC commitment to good corporate citizenship has played a key role in shaping our culture and the way we conduct our business every day. Decode INC are involved in a variety of causes, including supporting local communities and a diverse group of non-profit organizations. Decode INC also commit both time and money to our employees' efforts to make a difference in the world